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Griffinwood Academy

THE PROJECT: Griffinwood Academy is a non-profit private school located in Orange County, CA. With a passion for education, Griffinwood Academy aims to create not just students who can recite facts & numbers, but rather students who know how to learn anything & a passion for their own education. The school was in the process of rebranding from their old name, & needed a website that represented their new identity.

CLIENT: Griffinwood Academy
INDUSTRY: Education
  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • THE OUTCOME: Griffinwood Academy was the first project from our CodeMay Cares initiative. The initiative's mission is to provide CodeMay's great products & services to non-profit organizations that we chose to help. We are so proud of this project, and are very happy at the response from the Executives, Faculty & Parents of the school. We hope it helps more families find their way to a great education at Griffinwood Academy.
    TESTIMONIAL: There are days when things seem to be going right. It seems the day I spoke with CODEMAY about our school’s website was one of those days. When I reached out to the CODEMAY team, I was only looking for some advice on what we should do as we weren't in a position just yet to completely redo our site. The CODEMAY team offered to do the site as part of their CODEMAY Cares program because they believed in our mission, and wanted to support us. That offer resulted in a fun, beautiful, and amazing website for the school. CODEMAY's professional attitude towards us was present at all times, and we were always made to feel as though Griffinwood Academy was the most important client they had.

    Their speed and ability to resolve problems was refreshing and encouraging. We now have a site that we are proud of. CODEMAY is a company that delivers more than you were asking for.

    Thank you ! Our best wishes to you and your team