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Custom Wedding Site

THE PROJECT: We were tasked with building a custom wedding website for a couple with very specific needs: the design had to meet their general wedding theme, the user experience had to be perfect, and the site had to protect the privacy of them & their families. And it had to be done yesterday.

CLIENT: Kristen Smirtka - Bridal Bliss Event Planning
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  • THE OUTCOME: We had a blast creating this site. Working directly with the couple, as well as an amazing wedding planner, we were able to design a site that fit the general theme of their wedding, as well as gave the users enough information to enjoy all the activities over the long weekend. To ensure security & privacy for the couple and their families, we created a registration page only accessible after entering a speakeasy type password on the site. We could tell you more, but then we'd have to... you know. Our congratulations & best wishes to the couple. We were very honored to have even a small part in their special day.
    TESTIMONIAL: Working with CODEMAY was a delight. The team listened to my clients' vision and developed an efficient, engaging website with a beautiful design that set the tone for an extraordinary weekend of wedding festivities while keeping guests informed with pertinent details for each event. CODEMAY was responsive to feedback and quickly made updates both during the draft process and after the launch, ensuring the best possible guest experience. Bravo!