You Can’t Run Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns Without Effective Landing Pages

Any digital marketing will tell you that an effective digital ad campaign relies heavily on effectiveness of the landing page you use. A weak landing page converts less, which essentially wastes your time and energy.

We created CODEMAY Clicks because we worked with many clients who either didn’t have access to create their own dedicated landing pages on their website, or the companies they worked with charged too much money to make the changes necessary to increase the effectiveness of the landing page. We looked for other options, but none of the other systems on the market could match our clients’ branding, and didn’t give us the flexibility we wanted. 

Custom Branding

All CODEMAY Clicks landing pages utilize custom branded URLs to let people know the link they’re clicking on is associated with the brand they’re interacting with. 

API Integration

Following up with a new lead quickly is important to converting them to a customer. Our system has the ability to connect directly so your leads populated into your CRM the moment the user hits submit. 

Fits Any Need

CODEMAY Clicks landing pages can be easily updated to serve any need. A landing page can change from a simple lead capture form to a full-length informational page within minutes.